Repair Services

We have a complete, factory authorized service and repair facitlity for all Genesis and Sherwood products.  In addition we can service dry suits--replacing seals, locating and repairng leaks, etc.

Rental Information

Please click here to view rental prices and terms.

Commonly Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to be a great swimmer to scuba dive? 

A: No. You do need the most basic skills. You will need to swim 300 yards with mask, fins, and snorkel. There is also a 10-minute float--you can float, swim, tread water--anything to keep you going. 

Q: How old do you have to be to scuba dive? 

A: Minimum age is 10. The parents need to decide if their 10-year-old is ready, both physically and emotionally, for the course.  Our oldest student was 72 when he got certified. We have divers who travel with us who are in their 80s. 

Q: Is scuba equipment awfully expensive? 

A: No. Compared to other recreational activities, our equipment is quite reasonable. Couple that with the fact that it is almost impossible to wear it out, and you have a very inexpensive recreational activity.

Q: Why should I purchase equipment? The local diving doesn't amount to much. 

A: Refer to the page on local diving opportunities. We have some excellent diving right here and many other locations where we can drive.

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